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Battle Brothers: Legends is an overhaul for the Battle Brothers video game. The goal is to increase replayability while keeping within the Battle Brothers universe. Legends expands several features like armour, camping and questing.

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Before you start playing Legends, it is important to note that Legends is an overhaul mod, which means it frequently overwrites, changes and sometimes removes vanilla features to offer a differant experience. As such, not all mods will work with Legends. A working document of working mods can be found HERE.

Main Pages



Camp management

Difficulty options

Player starts for legends with tactics and trivia for each

Legends noble

Information on the specific backgrounds in Legends

Crowd 03

Information on camping and how it affects the game

Camp snow full night

How and what difficulty affects in Legends

Difficulty legend

Difficulty hard

Difficulty medium

Difficulty easy



Events & Contracts

Skills, traits and perks

Learn about the enemies and new threats in legends

Stoll wurm

Information on weapons, armour, runes and shields

Rune stone 4

Hammer SkullBreaker

The various events and changes Legends brings

Legend vala event

Learn about the skills, traits and perks Legends has to offer

Aggressive trait


Settlements & world economy

Craftable items

World generation and seeds

(coming soon!)

How settlements adapt and change to your actions

SettlementStatus WarehouseBurnedDown

View the list of craftable items in Legends

00 craft tent full night

Learn about how the world is generated and sharing seeds

Ship 02




Legends academy

Learn how to get started modding Battle Brothers

Background Inventor

See some of the fashionable outfits players have created

Fashion 22

Learn about the retinue changes Legends makes

Agent 01

(Coming soon!)

Cartographer 01

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